Foundational Movement Therapy™ Certificate

Welcome to Foundational Movement Therapy™, you are on your way to becoming a leading edge therapist in the matters of implementing FMT and Conscious Movement Protocols.Throughout the period of taking this course, you will learn Fascial Meridians, and how to implement therapeutic exercises distally or locally to provide effective pain relief based off the fascial lines.

Best utilized in practices for:

Massage Therapists
Athletic Therapists 


Course Details
  • Beginning Tuesday, September 5th 2017
  • From 1:30pm – 4:30pm, every Monday
  • The course is a total of 39 hours, throughout 13 weeks
  • Located #138, 17 Ave NE Calgary, AB T2E 1L6
  • 20 Seats Left for September
Creator Max Morin

Max Morin is the Founder and Creator of Foundational Movement Therapy™& Author of Foundational Movement Therapy™ – Practitioner Textbook. The 7 Conscious Movement Protocols, are educational in nature. Empower the client and rectify their main concerns at the root.

Walking – Bending – Running – Sitting – Standing – Stairs -Sleeping

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