I chose CITCM because I really liked the idea of having the western knowledge and the eastern knowledge, and combining them together, I think that would like really be helpful in (acupuncture) clinical (practicum). For first year, we learnt just single (Chinese) herbs on their own which is foundational because when you get in the second year, like I am in now, we start putting all those together in learning (Chinese herbal) formulas.
~ Hailey P, Acupuncture Grad
I was in China for 5 months completing a bachelor degree internship that consisted of clinical time as well as class time. The clinical time was the most eye opening for me because I was in the hospitals in China, you know, at the motherland of traditional Chinese medicine and seeing it in action over there. It gave me the chance to, not only improve my skills in the sense of I was practicing and working on patients there and learning…
~ Kyle R, Bachelor Degree of Acu Grad
I really like here at CITCM. We have such a wide variety teachers, supervisors, here. They have tons of different experiences, it makes us better therapists having that in our fingertips, (as well as) the different massage modalities and healing techniques.
~ Brit E.
So, my internship experience at CITCM, the opportunity is right there for the students if you choose to take them. We have a lot of offsite clinics that you can do your internship at as well, that gives you different spectrums of experiences. So, it’s really nice, should you choose to take up the opportunity to go offsite or just even within the school clinic. You get to see a lot of different cases, a lot of different diseases, different kinds of patients, so I think overall, it’s very diversed in what you see and there are definitely plenty of opportunities for you to kind of grow as a clinician.
~ Hue H.

After having been working as a researcher for 8 years and a shop consultant for 3 years, I decided to take a Double Major Plus program (Acupuncture/TCM & Massage) at CITCM in 2019. The main reason for a career change decision is that I noticed that there were more people paying more attention to their health and trying to find natural way to improve it. So, I decided I want to help people in their journey for better life quality.

~ Wei Wang, R.Ac., RMT
I think learning the western and eastern knowledge when you are practising massage is so valuable. The feedback that I receive from the clients using this approach with western and eastern medicine is that they have had incredibly quick and faster recovery. It has treated their system instead of just one injury.
~ Jennifer J.
The instructors at CITCM are very knowledgeable and all of them have years of experience and have alternative background behind their massage from orthopedic medicine to Chinese medicine that maybe other schools may not be able to offer.
~ David G.
My experience here at CITCM has been a rich and knowledge building experience. We had the opportunity to encounter a lof of different clients with all different cases which help me to become the well-rounded therapist that I am now.
~ Basia B.
The time here (schedule) is only half day of school so I can still balance study and family.
~ Jing L..