Wei Success Story

After having been working as a researcher for 8 years and a shop consultant for 3 years, I decided to take a Double Major Plus program (Acupuncture/TCM & Massage) at CITCM in 2019. The main reason for a career change decision is that I noticed that there were more people paying more attention to their health and trying to find natural way to improve it. So, I decided I want to help people in their journey for better life quality.

After completing the WE Integrated Orthopedic Massage program in 2 years, I start working as an RMT at Al Chinese Medical Massage Clinic while finishing the Acupuncture program. I treat my clients with the combination of Western massage techniques and Eastern modalities, and as a result, I incorporate different eastern modalities into my practice such as Gua Sha, Cupping, Auricula/Ear Seeds, and Acupressure. I also combine the orthopedic assessments before and after the treatments for clients mainly with lower back, neck, shoulders, or knee pain. Sometimes, I ask the client to move the relevant body parts to see if the methods and the treatments are improving the pain/conditions. Most of them are happy and pleasant to do the actions because they feel the relief of the pain or tightness after the treatments.
The feedback I have been getting from my clients is that they love the integration of Western and Eastern modalities in the treatments they have received.

Overall, I am lucky I chose CITCM because the college provides us with strong foundations so that we can start our new career as RMT with confidence. I am also thankful with the instructors sharing their valuable knowledge to help me succeed.
~ Wei Wang, R.Ac., RMT