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CITCM began a series of seminars 7 years ago, and are hosted monthly.

The seminars are presented by a variety of industry professionals and are 2-3 hours in length.

The “Talks” are generally held on an evening, and the “Walks” are seasonal and include hikes and exploration of local herbs that are medicinally beneficial.


Join us in the 2-day JIN GU ABDOMINAL ORGANS (ZANG FU) TUINA MASSAGE 津沽脏腑推拿 by Dr. Henry Tarazona. This workshop is open to Doctors of Acupuncture, RMTs(*), Osteopathic Practitioners/Doctors (*).

This type of abdominal organ tuina massage is based on the theories of TCM, the brain and the intestines connections, it is widely use in the clinical practice to treat neurological diseases, digestive issues, gynecological conditions, depression, and internal medicine conditions.

This practical and theoretical workshop will be delivered in a 15-hour session of 2 days. Participants will learn the main content and techniques of Jing Gu Abdominal Organs (Zang Fu) Tuina Massage.

About Dr. Henry Tarazona
Dr. Henry Tarazona, MD, MB, PhD, graduated from the Tianjin University of traditional Chinese medicine in China and had more than twelve years’ experience working and studying TCM in China.

He was a direct student of Prof. Wang Jin Gui and fortunate to have the opportunity to do his research and studies in the Tuina Department of the TCM First Teaching Hospital of the Tianjin University for more than six years with Jin Gu Abdominal Organs (Zang Fu) Tuina Massage as one of the subjects.

(*) Completion of TCM Foundation course may be required.

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