About Continuing Education (CEU)

CITCM brings world famous experts and their knowledge to you with weekend seminars and workshops presented in one or two parts.

  • Acupuncture for Stroke with Professor Xue Ming Shi
  • TCM Dermatology with Dr. Jun Kun Bai
  • Auricular Medicine with Dr. Lichun Huang
  • Chronic Diseases and Lingering Pathogens with Dr. Yiwen Su
  • Endocrine Systems Disorders Seminar with Prof. Fangzheng Liao and Prof. Farong Zhang
  • Acupuncture for Stroke with Dr. Xia Cheng
  • Acupuncture Methods in Treatment of Dermatological Disease with Dr. Hong Zhang
  • Integrated Dietary Therapy Seminar with Andy Bernhar
  • NAVAL Acupuncture Seminar with Professor Qi Yong.
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