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    Unit 300, 1824 Crowchild Tr NW (Two Executive Place)
    Calgary, AB T2M 3Y7

    Phone: 403.520.5289
    Toll-free: 1.888.859.8686

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    Why Choose Us?

    Career Success

    You are fully prepared. Students begin their practicum in the second year and continue practicing until graduation.

    WE Integrated Philosophy

    The WE Integrated Philosophy incorporates Western and Eastern medical knowledge into holistic healing. We have fully funded Double Major Acupuncture and Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (DTCM) Diplomas.

    School & Life Balance

    Getting what you want in life. The CITCM curriculum design is for students to enjoy balance in their lives. Weekday classes finish before noon.

    Personal Growth

    At CITCM you get more than an education, you get a way of life. Through mentorship, collaboration, and learning different perspectives, CITCM students receive essential skills to fulfill their mind, body, and soul.