Acupuncture Frequently Asked Questions

Are the CITCM programs accredited?
How long per day will I have to study?
Can I work while going to school?
When I complete the program can I run my own clinic?
How much should I expect to earn when I start practicing?
When I am a graduate, can I practice anywhere in Canada?
As a graduate from the CITCM, am I able to practice in the United States?
Will CITCM administration help with foreign student applications?
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Massage Program Frequently Asked Questions

What certification will I have on completion of the program?
Admission Requirements
Where do Massage Therapists work?
What type of income can I expect to make as a Massage Therapist?
CITCM started as an Acupuncture school, will I learn Acupuncture too?
CITCM has an Intern Clinic; will I treat there?
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