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University Standard Curriculum

CITCM acupuncture/DTCM program is adopted from the five-year university curriculum from China which is condensed into a four-year education. Learning both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in depth simultaneously sets this program as the most comprehensive and the highest standard curriculum in Canada. This allows CITCM to offer a Bachelor degree of TCM in collaboration with the Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Our Commitment

CITCM is committed to helping our students achieve their professional best through interactive teaching, hands-on internships, mentorships, and informative career guidance. 

Our four years acupuncture/DTCM program not only provides the knowledge but also develops professional characteristics.


Scholarships are available. Most are exclusive to CITCM students enrolled in either the Double Major program and/or the WE Integrated Orthopedic Massage program.  

These opportunities are offered yearly to help finance the student’s education.

Bachelor of Acupuncture/Traditional Chinese Medicine

Study abroad at Chengdu University of TCM for five months to obtain internationally recognized degree through CITCM.

Double Major Acupuncture & TCM Diploma

Adopted from the five year university curriculum from China condensed into a four year education. Learn both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in depth simultaneously.

Double Major Plus Program

The fusion of the three programs uses overlapping classes to accelerate the study of acupuncture, doctor of TCM & massage. Work as a massage therapist while completing the program.

Acupuncture Diploma

Study acupuncture with Chinese medicine theory, diagnostic techniques, Chinese herbal medicines, and fundamental biomedical sciences.

Herbal Phamacy with 300+ herbs

Our extensive herbal curriculum and pharmacy trains you to prescribe personalized herbs to your future clients.

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Since 2004, CITCM has become the leading educational institute in Canada with WE philosophy. This allows you to learn the best of Western and Eastern Medicine.

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