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Experience the WE Integrated Massage Program and you will see the difference. CITCM College is the leading complimentary health care teaching centre and you will feel the community spirit and commitment to the success of its students.

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Enrich Your Life

» Applied wisdom: The WE Integrated Philosophy incorporates Western and Eastern medical and massage knowledge into holistic healing. The Two-Year WE Integrated Massage Program offers more than a licensing curriculum but training to be a health care professional.

» School and Life Balance: Getting what you want in life. The CITCM curriculum design is for students to enjoy balance in their lives. Weekday classes begin in the afternoon.

» Career training: You are fully prepared. Students begin their practicum in the second semester and continue practicing until graduation.

» Personal growth: At CITCM you get more than an education, you get a way of life. Through mentorship, collaboration, and learning different perspectives, CITCM students receive essential skills to fulfill their mind, body, and soul.

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

Happiness is the highest form of health.

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WE Integrated Massage Program

<span class="wblue">Revitalization | </span><span class="egreen">Rejuvenation</span><span class="wblue">Revitalization | </span><span class="egreen">Rejuvenation</span><span class="wblue">Revitalization | </span><span class="egreen">Rejuvenation</span><span class="wblue">Revitalization | </span><span class="egreen">Rejuvenation</span>

Revitalization | Rejuvenation

Revitalization follows a holistic approach to health and wellness. CITCM’s Western and Eastern massage program develops harmony, which includes rejuvenation, holistic practices, and nutrition.

Rejuvenation massage teachings focus on replenishing the body, mind and soul to increase patient’s immunity and energy.

Get More, Give More…

Live An Enriching Life: Graduates of the 2200hr RMT gain insights to west and east practices for balanced health and wellness.

Be An Integral Part To Clients Health

Career opportunities

  • Mobile Care
  • Work from home
  • Corporate Offices

Incorporating health, happiness, and harmony


Feel Appreciated

Inspire To Be Younger

  • Immune Boosting
  • Energy Improvement

WE Massage Program teaches you different perspectives that assist in a unique care program. Rejuvenation massage teachings focus on replenishing the body, mind and soul to increase patient’s immunity and energy.
Western practices such as modern Reflexology help to trigger natural function of the body system.
Eastern meditation practices help to refocus the mind for thoughtful reflection and acceptance of healing.

The Full Spectrum assists clients to be aware of the power of self-awareness.

Be a Healthcare Professional

Revitalization for Harmony | Read More

At CITCM College, the WE Integrated Massage Program offers you many possibilities to deliver the best massage care to your patients. You get a full spectrum of complementary health modalities not offered by other massage schools. Because of CITCM’s expertise in complementary healthcare education, you not only receive conventional western massage knowledge and principles but also (oriental) eastern philosophies and wisdom.

The WE Integrated massage program is a leading edge approach combining the best of the West and East to offer innovative therapies. Upon completion of the two-year program, you are completely prepared to deliver three primary scopes of massage practice: Therapeutic, Relaxation and Revitalization.

Revitalization Massage follows the Eastern principle of harmony, which, includes rejuvenation, holistic practices and nutrition.

Rejuvenation massage teachings focus on replenishing the body, mind and soul to increase patient’s immunity and energy. Self-employment as a health care professional by offering massage and eastern wisdom to like-minded clients is a career choice you can make. Western practices such as Reflexology massage blended with Eastern Tuaina, Acupressure and meditation to keep patients healthier.

Working in a clinic, mobile services, and out of your home are just a few possibilities for your professional career. The WE massage program gives you more skills and knowledge to offer so your services are in greater demand.

Nutrition therapy, guided by teachings of western nutrition to fuel the body is combined with eastern wisdom to use foods and herbs to assist the body to repair itself. Working in a collaborative environment of tertiary health practitioners such as acupuncture clinics and naturopaths or working in a yoga studio is a natural fit. Western knowledge offers the body nourishment for sustainability as Eastern wisdom captures the healing powers of selected foods.

Holistic practice, blends grounded methods for health and wellness with traditional Chinese wisdoms. People who embrace the (3 H’s –Health, Happiness and Harmony) or those looking for a change to an inclusive approach to health and wellness will seek a WE integrated practice.

Enlightened individuals and couples embrace going on retreats to learn and experience the mind, body, and spirit of living well.
Western practice offers anatomy, physiology and external focus as Eastern wisdom teaches internal training by the tenets of thai-chi and meditation. These teachings offer a full spectrum of massage and Traditional Chinese Medicine for an enlightened lifestyle.