Amanda Selmser

Amanda is a Registered Acupuncturist. Amanda has always been interested in alternative medicine and the human body. Her passion for medicine as well as travel brought her to Asia over six years ago where she developed an interest in the more spiritual sides of healing.

Upon her return to Canada, Amanda spent 5 years completing her studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She graduated from the Canadian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Calgary, Alberta in 2012 and then travelled to Shandong, China to partake in a three-month internship at the University of Shandong for Traditional Chinese Medicine. Amanda is also certified in Reiki and Reflexology. Her passion for healing is something she works on daily and she looks forward to completing more courses in TCM as well as in nutritional healing and iridology.

Amanda uses Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as nutrition and counseling to help individuals become more aware of how their bodies speak to them. She uses Traditional Chinese Medical Theories to create treatment plans that are unique to every individual. With a focus on TCM and acupuncture, she helps the body heal by readjusting imbalances brought on by stress, diet and lifestyle.

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