Christina Appave

Christina received her training as a Massage Therapist at Mount Royal University in 2003. She has worked on cruise ships, health spas and a chiropractic clinic. It was during this time that Christina decided that she needed to learn more about the body. She decided to study the arts of Aromatherapy and Reflexology. During her studies she was introduced to Traditional Chinese Medicine. This ignited the interest to gain more knowledge about this age-old medicine.

After spending one year in Vancouver, Christina applied to The Canadian Institute of Chinese Medicine in Calgary, AB where she will obtain her Doctorate of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has completed three years of a four year program and will be spending 3 months in China working along side doctors there.

Christina’s passion for her work as a Registered Massage Therapist has given her a wider understanding of the human body and its healing process. Combining this passion and her knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine allows her the ability to encourage each individual’s inner balance of health.