Debbie Jarrett

Debbie attained her doctorate degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture at the Canadian College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Calgary. As part of her studies she completed a medical internship in Jinan, China where she had the opportunity to study in the departments of neurology, gynecology, internal medicine, and pediatrics.

Debbie became interested in women’s health early in her career and had the opportunity to study in London, England with practitioners specializing in the field of fertility. This experience provided valuable insight into the integration of eastern and western medicine and inspired her to focus her treatment in women’s health, fertility and obstetrics.

Although focused in women’s health, Debbie enjoys treating a broad range of health challenges and helping patients overcome a variety of conditions. She truly believes in the power of acupuncture in treating the body as whole, regaining balance and helping to improve health. Debbie listen’s to the needs of her patients and works together to incorporate real life solutions that patients can follow.

Debbie combines the use of acupuncture, herbs, diet and lifestyle assistance in her treatments and aims at creating a safe, comfortable and compassionate environment with all her patients.