Dr. Sheikh Shoeb

Dr. Shoeb is a Medical Graduate, finished degree in Medicine and Surgery in 1993. Practiced in General Medicine for years. Studied Postgraduate in Anesthesiology and Pain management, practiced as Clinical Anesthetist for 8 years in a teaching hospital.

Having done 2200 hours Diploma Program in Massage therapy from a reputable institute in Calgary, Alberta. Practicing Therapeutic Massage since 2015. His main area of practice is focused on Acute and Chronic Musculoskeletal disorders, Nerve Compression Syndromes and various Pain Alleviating Techniques in Massage practice.

He has an extensive experience of teaching Human Sciences for over 20 years. Currently teaching Clinical Assessment, Neurology at CITCM. Working as a part time instructor of Medical Terminology and Canadian Health Professional in a private Healthcare institution.
Volunteered Rural health in various NGOs under UNESCO I the past.
Passion to participate sports and Travelling.