Juan (Julia) Guo

I was born in a medical family where my parents were Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners. Having cultivated and educated in such environment, I developed much interest in TCM. I earned my Master’s Degree in TCM at Chengdu University of TCM and completed my Ph.D. at Shanghai University of TCM. I worked as a TCM Doctor and Professor in Shanghai University of TCM for 7 years continuously.

In 2013, I moved to Canada and still continued my work as a TCM Professor, Clinical Supervisor, TCM Doctor, and Registered Acupuncturist. I gained postdoctoral fellowship from The University of Western Ontario. I have years of experience and training in Chinese herbal prescriptions for various conditions and acupuncture treatments for common illness/conditions, my specialization is in gynecological diseases, endocrine disorder, cardiovascular diseases.