Kathy Traptow

Kathy Traptow is a very talented graduate of the Canadian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine who began instructing at the Institute during this past year. Kathy has a very wide ranging background that has three very consistent themes; sports, health education, and healing. Her athletic background is immense but has culminated with her participating in competitive rowing (where she received a provincial silver medal), basketball, volleyball, swimming, gymnastics, and running which allowed her to compete in several marathons including the Honolulu marathon. These activities and a competitive spirit lead her to pursue a Bachelor degree in Physical and Health Education which she later furthered with a Bachelor degree in Education. Applying her passion to help and educate people lead Kathy to gain experience teaching, working as an exercise physiologist for a breast cancer research trial and as a health care facilitator working for the Calgary Board of Education.

Kathy’s path towards learning and educating, however, had only just begun. She wanted to educate and to heal utilizing hands on approach to make a difference in promoting positive change in a person’s health. Recognizing the benefits of acupuncture and TCM from her exposure to healing from sport injuries that she sustained she began studying acupuncture and herbal medicine at the CITCM. After completing her training she has taken a great interest in furthering her acupuncture career by specializing in sports medicine and instructing at the CITCM where she is a very welcome addition to the staff.