Kelly Grant

Kelly Grant received her 4 year Traditional Chinese Medicine Diploma in Calgary AB at the Canadian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. During her training she had the opportunity to travel abroad to China and complete an internship in an integrated Chinese and Western Medicine hospital. This experience only further solidified Kelly’s passion for alternative medicine and gave her advanced knowledge for special Acupuncture points from the famous Dr.Lai and Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture.

Upon returning home and beginning her work as a practitioner, she developed a strong passion towards female gynecology and has taken many courses furthering her education in this area. She excels in infertility and prenatal Acupuncture.

Kelly is also very passionate about mind and body health integration and received her Yoga Teacher Certificate in 2012.

I became a TCM therapist because I truly believe in its healing abilities and I love facilitating the healing process for others along their journey to health. A medicine that looks at the whole picture rather then masking symptoms, was something I instantly wanted to learn more about. I am very passionate about what I do and hope to empower others with the tools to take charge, reach their optimal health and maintain it.