Dr. Kyle

Kyle Ryley

Kyle Ryley earned his bachelor’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Chengdu University of TCM.

Ryley has an extensive background in the field of movement and athletics. As an ex-national team and varsity men’s artistic gymnast, much of his life has been spent in the gym training, fine-tuning movement, treating injuries, aches and pains while working with and alongside coaches, therapists, kinesiologists, and sports doctors.

Prior to his teens, Ryley had already begun integrating traditional Chinese movement practices to prime and assist his body in sport and overall life. These traditional Chinese movement practices included Qigong, Taijiquan (Tai Chi), and Neigong. Ryley attributes the additional 8 hours per week he spent training in this field, to a healthy and successful 18 year gymnastics career, competing chronic injury-free.

After retiring from sport, Ryley then transitioned into the role of a high-performance NCCP Level 3 coach over the past 16 years, while at the same time pursuing an undergrad in eastern philosophy, completing a bachelor’s in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and growing a successful medical practice in NW Calgary.

He is most passionate when it comes to the integration of the western and eastern medical sciences. He often places his focus on the role that one’s capacity and quality of movement play when it comes to overall health. Outside of the clinic, Ryley enjoys spending time with his family of four, “training” an active and healthy lifestyle, listening to music, and studying history, nature and ancient philosophy.