Kyle Success Story

I was in China for 5 months completing a bachelor degree internship that consisted of clinical time as well as class time. The clinical time was the most eye opening for me because I was in the hospitals in China, you know, at the motherland of traditional chinese medicine and seeing it in action over there. It gave me the chance to, not only improve my skills in the sense of I was practising and working on patients there and learning under the best doctors, but it also just gave me a lot more experience of my diagnosis skills because I got to see, sometimes 30-40, even 50 patients in the morning cause the amount of numbers that we saw was unreal.

And then on top of that, we had a lot of time to do some sightseeing, enjoyed the food. I was there for 5 months, so believe me, I saw almost all the main sightseeing that I could do in Chengdu.

But the big thing with my clinical side of things there, was seeing how well the western medicine and modern medicine was integrated with the traditional Chinese medicine ways. So, here in Canada is very separated, you have to kind of seek out both on your own; whereas there, it’s all put together in the hospital. When you see a doctor, they give you the options and they give you the options that they think might be best for you. And a lot of patients went with the Chinese medical route and they got better without having to go that more extreme route, and so that is really eye opening for me. I really appreciate it getting to see that out there cause I wouldn’t have seen that if I did not do the traditional Chinese medical bachelor program.
~ Kyle R, Bachelor Degree of Acu Grad