CITCM Scholarship

CITCM Scholarship

In 2019 CITCM and its affiliations are pleased to offer over 16 awards worth $15,000, most of which are exclusive to CITCM students enrolled in both Acupuncture and Massage program.

Thank you to our main sponsors:

  • Canada Sage Herb Biotechnology Company Ltd.,
  • Wellspring Foundations, and
  • Orthopedic Massage Consultant

…who give generously to support the passionate learning of our students and the core values of our institution. Students currently enrolled full-time may apply for multiple awards, but are eligible to receive a maximum of one award each.

The Scholarships sponsored by CITCM, Canada Sage Herb Biotechnology, and Orthopedic Massage Consultant include:

  • Academic Excellence Award for both TCM and Massage
  • Sage Herbal Medicine Scholarship
  • Orthopedic Massage Scholarship
  • Academic Excellence Award
  • Bachelor Degree Bursary
  • Clinical Excellence Award
  • Clinical Excellence TCM Graduate
  • Valedictorian Massage & TCM Graduating Class
  • CITCM Citizen Award

Shen Nong Scholarship – $3,000 each for eligible 10 Nation-wide TCM students and new applicants per year.
Dr. Weidong Yu has established an inspired vision for authentic Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) education for students across Canada. By establishing the Shen Nong Scholarships, Dr. Yu and supporters of the Wellspring Foundation will offer $3,000 to aspiring TCM practitioners who are registered in TCM programs across the country.

These are the requirements to apply and qualify for one of these five scholarships. Student entering a TCM program for the first time or continuing in their program are eligible:

  • Academic Achievement – CGPA of 3.67 or higher (academic transcript required)
  • Personal statement – Why I chose TCM education?
  • Volunteer or community leadership within the TCM program, university community or the TCM industry – demonstrated by letter of support
  • Characteristics – demonstrated personal ethics, respectful, hardworking, and creative
  • Preference given to students who are also members of a provincial association of TCM &
    Acupuncture Practitioners.

For more details about our scholarship program and requirements, please contact our Registrar office at 403.520.5289 or email