• $9,900 per academic year for the full-time Acupuncture Diploma Program and Double Major Acupuncture/DTCM
  • $9,200 per academic year for the full-time 2200Hour WE Integrated Massage Program
  • $10,400 per academic year for full-time Bachelors Degree of TCM (Degree granted from Cheng Du University of TCM China)
  • $9,540 additional tuition for Double Major students wishing to add 2200Hr Massage Therapy courses for the Double Major Plus program
  • Part-time Student fees are $210.00 per credit for each course.
  • No tuition deduction for transferred courses.


There will be a transfer fee of $200 if a student transfers to CITCM from another school.

The tuition includes the following services:

  • Quality instructional and clinical curriculum delivery;
  • 24/7 online study supporting system;
  • Preparation and mock exam for Pan-Canadian TCM Acupuncture Registration exam.

There is no tuition increase once the student enters the program.

We are confident that CITCM brings the most value for your tuition.