WE Integrated Philosophy

The WE Philosophy (Western & Eastern Integrated Philosophy) at CITCM

The WE Philosophy incorporates Western and Eastern medical knowledge and wisdom into holistic healing. The Eastern philosophy from TCM have been practiced thousands of years. The ancient doctors discovered remarkable healing power by observing and experiencing the nature and its impact on the body, mind, and spirit. Therapeutic modalities are developed by utilizing natural medicine with a holistic approach focusing on prevention and healing through restoring body’s balance. We believe the Western and Eastern integrated health approach provide the best avenue for people’s health and well-being.

Following CITCM’s exclusive WE Philosophy, CITCM students learn extensive biomedical science so they can utilize and integrate western medicine knowledge and concepts into clinical practice, as well as effectively communicate with other health practitioners and establish a complementary acupuncture, massage and TCM practice. With over 750 hours of biomedicine science training, they have the knowledge and insight to make accurate assessment, to develop appropriate treatment plan as well to work side by side with other health practitioners to provide best outcome for patient’s health. CITCM prepares our graduates for a thriving career in complementary and alternative healthcare field.