How to Become a Registered Massage Therapist in Alberta

Make the decision to start or change your career.  Explore your interests. 

You decide to become a natural healer and practice massage therapy. Now you probably wonder where to start and what to look for to become a registered massage therapist in Alberta.

1. Choosing the right massage therapy program

There are many different paths to massage therapy and these are highlighted by what the massage therapy schools offer.  Some massage schools focus on spa and relaxation massage to help people after a busy day.  Some focus more on the basics of therapeutic massage and some others focus on multiple massage treatment options.  For example, the CITCM WE (Western/Eastern) Integrated Orthopedic Massage diploma program has a base in therapeutic and orthopedic science for the Western portion of the program with additional massage training in Eastern modalities such as acupressure, cupping, gua sha, Tui Na, TCM diet therapy, reflexology, Thai massage and shiatsu with business management to truly enhance the learning outcomes.

2. Is blended learning a good option for you?

Most massage schools are offering a blended learning approach with both onsite and online formats.  For example, at CITCM you will have to be onsite for massage practical classes only 2 days a week. There is a very balanced approach to learning both onsite for practical massage courses/internship and theoretical massage courses through online option.

3. Make a decision and submit your application

Go in for an interview and a tour of the massage school.  See and feel if you would like to spend 2 years there learning.  Things to consider beyond the massage course curriculum and timetable are:

  • How many massage instructors teach in the massage program? A diverse group of instructors who are experts in their own field would give you more enriched knowledge and learning experience.
  • How much is the tuition? Some massage schools charge a lot more than others, compare the costs with what you would learn and get out of it. Does the school offer abundant hours on online massage courses or onsite massage courses? You only need 2200 hours to become a licensed massage therapist in Alberta and in most other provinces.
  • Does the massage program / curriculum include different techniques or modalities of massage therapy? How is it different from other massage schools?
  • Does the massage school have an environment that you will thrive in? If you are going to spend close to 2 years and thousands of dollars on the tuition, you would benefit from having the first-hand experience from becoming a client at their intern/student massage clinic. Check yourself on how the interns and staff welcome and interact. Do you gain a positive and professional environment and treatment that you are seeking? If you like what you see and feel, then you are ready to apply.

4. Discover the different opportunities to fund your massage career training.

Paying for your training is easy and financing your training is a simple process.  The tuition can be paid using student loans and scholarships.  This includes Alberta and Federal student loans and grants, private funding and personal savings, part time work while studying, or perhaps a student line of credit.  Some college offer scholarships.  For example, CITCM has several scholarships available for students attending.

5. Complete your 2200-hour massage courses and become a Registered Massage Therapist! 

Take the advantage of a blended learning program that allows for more time and flexibility for work and family. Check out CITCM Massage Program here. Book a tour today, call us at (403) 520-5258 or fill out inquiry form.



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